Dharavi Slum Tours

What do you think of a Slum? Poverty, Dirty, Prostitution, Drugs, Mafia & more, But the slum Dharavi is totally different from any other slum in the world. Dharavi is the largest slum in the whole Asia & the safest slum in the whole World, You can visit this slum by your own it is totally safe, but you need a guide to show you around thats why we are here to give you the best experience of the slum Dharavi. It will be a walking tour inside the slum. The guide will meet you at your place or at the meeting point then he will to you to the commercial part of the slum where you will see factories like plastic recycling, aluminium recycling, paper, cardboard recycling, clothes manufacturing, shrine making, luggage bags manufacturing, clothes dying, leather industries & many more factories. Then you will be taken to the residential area of the slum where you will see schools, colleges, pottery making, houses, narrow allies, markets, local business & many more. Our guide will be with you all the time & briefly explain you whatever you are going through. We have organised few options with the slum tour which you can have a look at the below category. you can book online or you can mail us for booking.

Dharavi Slum Tours & Their Combos

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